zenzero studio offers Body Intelligence® (BI), a unique movement form influenced by yoga and Pilates. Developed by Meret Storck-Matchett, head instructor and owner of the studio, BI is accessible to anyone, no matter what level of fitness or age.

With one-hour classes including no more than 9 participants, BI involves a variety of movements, balancing poses and stretches. Unlike some styles of yoga, Body Intelligence has no set sequence of poses and is dissimilar to Pilates in its inclusion of more standing exercises to offer a full body work-out.

Each class is refreshingly different and adapted based on the ability and experience of those in attendance. Alignment and movement control are strongly emphasised in each class, with personal instruction throughout to avoid any pain or strain. Adapted yoga poses, conscious breathing and relaxation are integral parts of every class.

The aim of BI is to prevent injuries, stabilise joints and correct muscular imbalances in the body that result from, or lead to, poor posture, back or neck pain and muscle stiffness. Regular practice of BI leads to better muscle awareness and control, together with improved flexibility and balance.

Classes can be attended as part of one, three, six or 12-month contracts with zenzero, starting at R60 each or booked as single classes.

NEW are class cards. These cards consist of four or eight prepaid classes, which can be booked on the day, provided space is available.


Free client parking is available in front of the House of Holistic Health.